Find Your Way to the Services You Need

Our philosophy is that each family’s and individual’s situation is different. Our Service Coordinators will listen to your story and advocate on your behalf, whether you need help with the eligibility process at OPWDD (the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities) or need services we don’t offer.

We never say “no” to someone who calls us for help. We find resources, make connections, and help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families get the services they need to live the lives they want to live.


Medicaid Service Coordination

If you have already obtained a Medicaid Waiver, we’ll help you find Medicaid-approved services and supports. Your Coordinator will be your case manager, advocating for you, accessing and coordinating services, and monitoring your situation to ensure that you have the right services as your needs change.


Non-Medicaid Service Coordination

If the OPWDD has authorized services but you are not eligible for Medicaid, we can help you obtain a Medicaid Waiver, which makes services affordable for people who might not otherwise qualify for Medicaid. Our Coordinator will help you with the paperwork needed to obtain the Waiver and will advocate on your behalf.


Touring Heaven’s Hands and Finding the Program(s) for You

We welcome visitors at our program sites. If you want to see us in action or need help deciding which services are best for you, please call 718.788.5252 or email us at

How Are We Doing?

We welcome comments, suggestions and, yes, even complaints. At Heaven's Hands, listening is how we grow.

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