Building Skills for Greater Independence

Our Community Habilitation services give caregivers and family members hands-on support and training. Individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities can develop and improve the skills needed in everyday life. We help you map your journey to greater independence, both at home and in the community.


Who decides what skills are taught?

Our staff works with the individual and the family to identify personal goals and to determine the best way to learn the the skills needed to reach those goals. From community and travel safety to activities of daily living, you set the milestones. We help you reach them.


Where and how often is this service available?

Community Habilitation can be provided in your home or out in the community, depending on the skills you want to develop. We also help caregivers learn how to reinforce new learning between sessions.

The frequency of service depends on how many hours the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) authorizes after assessing the individual’s needs and circumstances.


What kind of services are offered?

Our goal is to help individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities strengthen practical skills so they can become more independent at home and more connected to their neighborhood.

Our Direct Support Professionals help the individual decide what skills to focus on, how to break them down into achievable milestones, and then help map out a plan for achieving those milestones, step by step. Services include help with:


We stay the course.

We won’t turn away when the going gets tough. We know that each individual is different, that situations change, and challenges can arise suddenly. Our staff will help you deal with change, develop new plans as needed, and find the way around roadblocks.

Mother of two sons with developmental disabilities

Heaven’s Hands staff helped my sons develop skills. They taught me how to help the children with their exercises. They help all of us, both the kids and me. You can talk to Heaven’s Hands — they listen. The kids don’t like change, so we are very lucky to have this stability.

- Mother of two sons with developmental disabilities

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